Stop notice - EN/21/00146/PPU

​​​​​​Important - this communication affects your property

Town and Country Planning Act 1990 As Amended by the Planning and Compensation Act 1991

Stop notice - EN/21/00146/PPU

Served by: North Northamptonshire Council herein after referred to as "the Council"

To: All occupiers

  1. On 15 June 2021 the Council issued an enforcement notice alleging that there has been a breach of planning control on Land adjacent Farm buildings, Thrapston Road, Woodford Northamptonshire

1. This notice

is issued by the Council, In exercise of their power in section 183 of the 1990 Act, because they consider that It is expedient that the activity specified in paragraph 4 of this notice should cease before the expiry of the period allowed for compliance with the requirements of the enforcement notice on the land described in paragraph 3 below. The Council now prohibit the carrying out of the activity specified in this notice. Important additional information is given in the Annex to this notice.

2. Land to which this notice relates

Land at Land adjacent Farm buildings, Thrapston Road, Woodford Northamptonshire shown edged red on the plan.

Map of enforcement notice 2100146PPU

3. Activity to which this notice relates 

Without planning permission, the making of a material change of use of the land from a use from open countryside (woodland) to a use for the stationing and human habitation of caravans, the construction of an area of hardstanding together with a hard standing means of access.

4. What you are required to do

  1. Cease the use of the land for human habitation.

  2. Permanently remove from the land all caravans, vehicles, trailers, machinery, equipment and personal items, and any other items and works associated with human habitation.

  3. Cease all works for the formation of hardstanding and excavation and do not bring onto the land any plant, machinery and materials for creating hard surfacing or for levelling the land.

5. When this notice takes effect

This notice takes effect on 11 July 2021 when all activity specified in this notice shall cease.

Dated: 15 June 2021

Signed: Carolyn Tait Development Manager

North Northamptonshire Council
Thrapston Office
Cedar Drive
NN14 4LZ

Telephone: 0300 126 3000
Email: [email protected]

Annex warning

This notice takes effect on the date specified in paragraph 7.

There is no right of appeal to the first secretary of state against this notice.

It is an offence to contravene a stop notice after a site notice has been displayed or the stop notice has been served on you. (Section 187 (1) of the 1990 Act). If you fail to comply with the stop notice you will be at risk of immediate prosecution in the Magistrate's Court, for which the maximum penalty is £20,000 on summary conviction for a first offence and for any subsequent offence. The fine on conviction on Indictment Is unlimited.

If you are in any doubt about what this stop notice requires you to do, you should get in touch immediately with the Council's Planning Department. If you need independent advice about this notice, you are advised to contact urgently a lawyer, planning consultant or other professional adviser specialising in planning matters. If you wish to contest the validity of this notice, you may only do so by an application to the High Court for Judicial review.

Last updated 19 July 2023