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Apply for a disabled parking space outside your house

An accessible/disabled parking bay is a reserved space on the public road for use by Blue Badge holders only.

You can apply if you have a valid Blue Badge, you are the driver living at the property and you:

  • have serious mobility difficulties
  • care for a disabled person who has serious mobility difficulties and who, because of age or condition, cannot be left alone

​The parking space will consist of a single white road marking, approximately 5 metres long, but will not extend beyond the boundaries of your property.

A sign will also be provided if there is a suitable fence or wall that it can be attached to. If not available, a new metal post will be provided at your expense.

The sign and line are advisory only and cannot be enforced by Highway Authority personnel or the police. This means the sign and line will be ineffective if not respected by your neighbours.

The sign (if provided) remains the property of the Highway Authority. Should the line need renewing please let us know via our online Street Doctor reporting system.

Please tell us if the sign is no longer required. We will then arrange to collect it for re-use.


If your request is agreed, you will be required to pay £200.00 for the sign and line and we will include payment details in the acceptance letter.

If there is not an appropriate garden fence/wall or property wall an additional £140.00 (£340.00 in total) will have to be charged for a new post for the sign to be fixed.

Work will not be ordered until payment has been received and then programmed to be carried out when suitable personnel are in the area.


If you think you are eligible, please complete an application form.

Your application must be countersigned by a professional who knows about your mobility problems such as a doctor, health visitor or occupational therapist. The applicant should be aware that some medical practices may charge for completing this form.

You must also include a copy of your vehicle's V5 document (the 'logbook') or a copy of the rental agreement if the car is provided by Motability or a similar organisation.

When we receive your application, the location will be inspected to make sure the request is practical, safe and justified.

We will write to you within 6 to 8 weeks to advise you of the outcome of your application.

Please return completed application forms to:

Highway Regulations
Sheerness House
41 Meadow Road
NN16 8TL

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Last updated 21 October 2022