Recruitment campaign for volunteer patient transport drivers launched today

15 January 2024

Photo of Michael Hoskin passenger Colin Pendrill Volunteer and Rachel Dixon Voluntary Action Manager

A publicity campaign aimed at recruiting volunteers from all age groups as patient transport drivers has been launched across North Northamptonshire today.   

We are calling for volunteers who live in North Northamptonshire, are between the age of 18 and 80 years old, who hold a full driving licence and are competent drivers with use of their own car, and happy to it use for door-to-door patient transport.  

Volunteer drivers provide a vital lifeline to help people without their own transport to get out and about. As a driver you will pick up patients from their home and take them to medical appointments at doctors, hospitals, opticians, dentists and general well-being activities.  

Volunteers are asked to make a regular commitment to the role, which is flexible around their own availability. They can offer as many as 39 hours a week or as little as one hour.  

A DBS check will be required and paid for, and training will be given. For volunteers who are already qualified to drive a minibus a, a Cat D Minibus licence will be required.  

Do you, or someone you know, have spare time each week to provide a hugely valuable service that will have a direct impact on the health of local residents, who might otherwise not be able to make their appointments?  

If you do and are interested in volunteering, view the current opportunities available below and contact your local scheme for more information.  

You will be paid 45p expenses for every mile that you drive on behalf of the scheme.  

Organisations seeking volunteers include: 

The impact and value volunteering brings to patients and staff must not be underestimated; the contribution volunteers can make to overall efforts can hugely reduce pressures across services.  

Many of our passengers also view their transport as much more than a car journey – it is also an opportunity to go out with someone they view as safe, have a chat with their driver, get out and about in the wider world, to take part in their communities and to remain independent.  

We are so grateful for all our volunteers who give up their own precious time to assist our community, but we need more of them. Please come forward if you can to make a difference.
Jess Slater, CEO of SERVE, a local charity that has supported elderly people and adults with disabilities in East Northants and the surrounding areas for nearly 40 years


This is a vital role that makes such a difference to people when they need it most.  

The dedication and enthusiasm of volunteer drivers and the profound impact they have on people’s lives is highlighted by the fact that several patients later volunteer with us when they have recovered.  

If you have a few hours free each week, I cannot think of a better way to improve the lives of patients in North Northamptonshire.
Charity Manager at Volunteer Action, Rachel Dixon 
Many of the patients are amazed at what we offer and could not see how they would have managed without us.

I absolutely would recommend volunteering. It gets you out of the house, gets you meeting other people, provides an amazing service and gives me great satisfaction when I realise that I have helped someone. What more could I ask for?
Colin Pendrill, who helps as one of North Northants Volunteer Patient Transport Drivers  

 The publicity campaign is supported by North Northamptonshire Council’s Local Area Partnership initiative. Local Area Partnerships help coordinate and deliver health, care and wellbeing services at local levels. 

There are seven Local Area Partnerships in North Northamptonshire. They are made up of elected members, residents, voluntary and community sector, and statutory organisations to:  

  • respond to identified local needs  
  • deliver outcomes from the Northamptonshire Integrated Care Partnership Strategy and Local Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy  
Many community transport schemes rely on volunteer drivers who give up some of their time to help other people. Without the support of these dedicated volunteers, it would not be possible to deliver these vital transport links throughout the county. 

This is a great way to feel a part of the community you live in and to make someone's day at the same time. This is also an example of the great work that the Local Area Partnerships are doing across the seven areas of the authority.
Cllr Jason Smithers, Leader of North Northamptonshire Council

To find out more about their work, take a look at the NNC website page.