Make sure your Electoral Registration details are up to date

Elections and voting

28 June 2023

Pen marking a cross in a square box

It’s that time of year again where we make sure electoral register details are up to date and all households will receive a canvass letter or form.

There are two types of mailings being sent out across North Northamptonshire, one is a letter marked ‘CCA’ and one is a form marked ‘CF’. Households will receive one of the below:

Letters marked CCA

If you receive a letter marked CCA, you only need to respond if any elector details are missing or incorrect.
We will not send any reminders for letters marked “CCA”, this is the only contact that your household will receive this year.

Forms marked 'CF'

If you receive a form marked 'CF', you must respond even if all elector details are correct.

Response reminders for Canvass Forms will be sent directly to registered electors via email, telephone, text message, personal visit or paper form up until November. 

All contact will be easily identifiable as North Northamptonshire Council and we will only ask for limited information relating to voter registration such as name, nationality, date of birth and national insurance number.  

We will only visit a property where a Canvass Form marked ‘CF’ has been delivered to that property and we have not had a response before 25 July. 

If you have received a form marked ‘CF’ the quickest way to respond is to go online and enter the security codes on your form to login and record if any changes.

The requested information is required by law and not responding can result in a £1,000 fine.

To avoid being disturbed at your doorstep, please respond to your Canvass form (if you have received a form marked ‘CF’) by the 25 July. Door knocking will commence from the beginning of August until Thursday 18 September.

If you’re not currently registered to vote, your name will not appear in messages we send but you can easily register online or you can call 01832 742 076.

Not being registered to vote can affect your applications for loans, mortgages and even mobile phone contracts. It also means you will not be able to vote at election time. So check the form carefully to ensure you do not miss out.