Major investment in highways network agreed by Council

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22 February 2024

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At two recent Council meetings, North Northamptonshire Council have agreed to significant funding to improve highways across the area.

At today’s Full Council, Councillors agreed, as part of the Capital programme for 2024 - 2028, to spend approximately £49.1m over the next four financial years on highways projects, the largest investment the council has made towards highways to date. This allocation includes £16m on pothole repairs.

This money includes £9.768m, allocated for highways infrastructure improvements, received from the Department of Transport and agreed at last week’s meeting of North Northamptonshire Council’s Executive

The package of funding from DfT will support projects and help maintain the existing highways infrastructure assets, investing and improving highways infrastructure, improving access by cycle and foot (including safety improvements) and improving safety and traffic flows by upgrading traffic signals.

Now the funding has been approved, the council will look to allocate the budget to specific highways schemes in line with the Northamptonshire Transportation Plan.

We are looking to the future and have put a significant fund aside to invest further in our Highways network over the next four years. This is a huge investment in our highways, the largest to date, with large sums of money set aside for highways maintenance, including repairing potholes - something I know residents will be pleased to hear.

But it’s not just about the roads, we will also be looking at improvements to cycling and pedestrian networks, informed by our wider work on the Corby and Kettering Local Cycling and Walking infrastructure plans, and improving safety and traffic flows.
Cllr Matt Binley, the council’s Executive Member for Highways, Travel and Assets
I am delighted that this council is investing in our highways network, improving our infrastructure and connecting communities. It has and always will be a priority for us.

We recognise the importance of our highways network to residents and businesses across North Northamptonshire and by combining our investment alongside funds from the Department of Transport presents a huge opportunity to significantly improve our road network over the coming financial years.
Jason Smithers, Leader of the Council

These recent funds are part of NNC’s overall investment into North Northamptonshire’s Highways network and will combine with the funding already received from the DfT as part of their recently announced investment using funding from the cancellation of northern section of HS2.