Augean revenue and small grants fund

Supporting residents

17 May 2024

Graphic to illustrate the Augean grant funding

Augean plc manages landfill sites in King’s Cliffe and Thornhaugh. As part of this, some of their revenue (Section 106 monies) is given back to fund local community projects. 

North Northamptonshire Council administers the scheme to fund projects within a 10 mile radius of Augean's landfill sites - you can use our postcode checker and the magnifying glass in the top menu to search by postcode and see if it's within the blue or green project areas. Preference will be given to those within a five mile radius due to the budget.  

Total funding changes every year and supports revenue projects and capital projects of up to £5,000. Examples of what the fund can be used for can be found in the criteria and guidelines. There is one funding round in the 2024/25 financial year. 


Applications will reopen on 17 May 2024 and can be made on our online application form

More information on capital grants for projects in this area, is available on the Grantscape website.