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Advice for private sector tenants

We deal with complaints from private sector tenants concerning hazards including damp and mould, excess cold and disrepair.

As a tenant you are encouraged to speak to your landlord or letting agent in the first instance to resolve any repair issues. However, if this fails and a landlord is not willing to address matters, or if there are reasons why you cannot or are unwilling to contact the landlord or agent direct, the Council may be able to help so you can contact us.

We will inspect a house with the agreement of the resident, landlord or managing agent. We prefer to let the landlord know when we are visiting if possible so we can go through what we find with them.

Our main reason for inspecting a property is to assess the house under the Housing Health & Safety Rating System (HHSRS). This is used by local authorities to assess housing conditions as set out in Housing Act 2004.

A hazard is any risk of harm to the health or safety of an actual or potential occupier that arises from a deficiency. The system is concerned with disease, infirmity, physical injury, and also includes mental disorder and distress.

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Last updated 20 October 2021