Renting privately

Our Housing Options team can provide you with advice and support if you find suitable private rented accommodation. We may be able to offer financial help for payments of rent in advance and deposits. You may be able to claim benefits.

Private rented accommodation is usually the easiest, quickest, and most convenient route for people to find a home. There are lots of private lets in North Northamptonshire and the benefits of renting privately include properties usually being available immediately, as well as giving you greater choice over where you live.

Landlords and agents should no longer charge you any fees for admin or referencing checks. These fees were banned from 1 June 2019. Please do not pay rent in advance or deposits until you know there is a genuine offer of accommodation, viewed the property and met with the landlord or agent.

If you are on low wages or benefits your landlord may require a guarantor. If this is likely to be necessary, try to ask a friend or family member in advance, to agree to act as a guarantor.

Private sector accommodation can range from a room rent in a shared house to large family homes.

You can look for private rented accommodation online on the following websites:

You can also look on Facebook Marketplace and search local Facebook groups for people offering accommodation.

Local newsagents often have adverts in their window for people who are looking to rent our rooms or properties.

If you are looking online, please be aware of fraudulent adverts and be cautious before making any payment.

Last updated 15 March 2024