Hi 5!

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Join us in giving local businesses a Hi 5! Your support makes a big difference!

We're launching our Hi 5! campaign this summer alongside other Hi Street activities - aiming to boost local businesses across North Northamptonshire, encouraging residents to support and shop local through engaging activities and special promotions.

Our campaign

The high 5 gesture is universally recognised as a symbol of gratitude, unity, and positivity. The Hi 5! campaign aims to create memorable interactions between local businesses and the community.

The number 5 is a central element of the campaign:

  • Boost our businesses - When we spend even a small amount like £5 at a local business, it can significantly boost the local economy
  • Special offers - Look out for exclusive Hi 5! deals in your town (such as £5 off, 5% discounts, and buy-five-get-one-free offers)
  • Social media challenges - Make 5 recommendations, tag 5 friends and visit 5 local shops. Follow our Facebook and Instagram to get involved
  • Local events - Hi 5! will be featured at community events across the area with exclusive offers and activities

Last updated 24 June 2024