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Verification number

The Local Government Act 2000 provides that electors within the local authority area can petition the council to hold a referendum on whether a local authority should change to a different form of governance. Any such petition must be signed by at least 5% of the local government electors for the area.

In accordance with Regulation 4(1) of The Local Authorities (Referendums) (Petitions) (England) Regulations 2011, the number that is equal to 5% of the number of local government electors shown in the revised register of electors having effect on the 15th February 2021 is 12983.

The figure will have effect for the purposes of determining the validity of Petitions presented from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022.

The number equal to 5% of the local government electors for 2022 will be published within 14 days of 15 February 2022. If this number is less than 12983, the number to be used for verification purposes in relation to any petition submitted for the period beginning of the date of publication of the lower number until 31 March 2022 shall also be that lower number. 

Any enquiries or petitions in relation to this notice should be directed to the Electoral Registration Officer, Sheerness House, 41 Meadow Road, Kettering, Northants NN16 8TL.

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Last updated 30 September 2021