E-petitions can be created on our website that people can sign online. You can use e-petitions on their own or in combination with paper petitions.

We deal with these petitions in the same way as other petitions.

Start an e-petition

You'll need to register on our democracy website with some basic details about you and your petition. Select ‘Submit a new e-petition’ and you'll be asked to register or use an existing sign in.

You'll need to provide a:

  • subject for the petition
  • a statement setting out what action you would like us as a council to take
  • a short name you'd like for the petition's web URL or address (e.g. by typing ‘road’ this would generate as a weblink)

We will get in contact to confirm a date we should go live with your petition and the date it will end.

Your local councillor and the director of the relevant department will be notified about the details of the petition.

To discuss submitting an e-petition or for further general information and advice, you can contact Democratic Services [email protected].

Paper petition

You can gather names on both a paper and online form petition - but repeat names will be removed. If you want to do this, make sure you let us know before starting by emailing [email protected].

Both online and paper petitions should be run for the same period of time and need to be submitted together.

Signing an e-petition

If you want to sign an e-petition, you'll need to register and provide us with basic details including your:

  • name
  • email
  • address

Only your name will be published on the e-petition as a signatory. We'll use the details provided to confirm that you live, work or study in North Northamptonshire.

Every signatory must have their own separate email address and you can only sign an e-petition once. Duplicate signatures will be removed, as will any vexatious, abusive or otherwise inappropriate content.

After it closes

The petition will be sent to our Democratic team once it has closed. We'll decide how to respond to it depending on how many signatures it has, like any other petition.

Alternative online petitions

You can choose to use an alternative system (e.g. Change) to create your petition but the same details are needed so we can verify signatories (names and addresses).

A printed copy of the petition can be provided with corresponding signatures and addresses or a PDF copy can be emailed to [email protected].

Last updated 01 June 2023