Active Parks

Our Active Parks project is working in partnership with Northamptonshire Public Health and Northamptonshire Sport to help more of the county’s residents to take part in activities to improve their physical and mental health.

The parks are places where large numbers of people can enjoy healthy outdoor activities, escape from stress and learn new things. We have put together a range of programmes for young people, families and adults that includes Nature Tots, health walks, Natural Minds and volunteering using the natural environment.

People already use our country parks in a wide variety of ways including for physical activity, games, children’s adventure play, bird watching, fishing, picnics and photography or simply being out in beautiful countryside where their children can run free and explore nature. You can do as much or as little as you can manage with plenty of benches to rest on until you’re ready to carry on.

Bespoke activities

If you work with people with long-term health conditions or another group of people who would benefit from getting out and about in our parks please get in touch. As well as our public activity sessions we are able to work with you to provide bespoke activities in the parks that would meet the needs of your groups.

Working with you we can modify one of our established sessions, create something completely new or even just be a new place to host one of your normal group sessions.

To discuss how we can help, please email [email protected].

Last updated 01 April 2022