You can visit, shop and trade at markets across North Northamptonshire.


A general market is held every Thursday, 9am to 2pm, on the Square, High Street, Desborough, NN14 2NB.

The market is restricted in size with only own rig units being accepted.

Food traders

Your business must be registered with the local authority where your business or unit is based overnight. We requests a level 3 or above on the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme’ (FHRS). Please note as part of our application process you may be contacted by our own Environmental Health Team. All food handlers should have food hygiene training commensurate with their work activities. Where open high risk food is being cooked or handled a Level 2 in Food Safety in Catering or an equivalent qualification it is required.

A documented food safety management system, i.e. Safer Food Better Business covering the provision of food and drink should be in place. This needs to be available for inspection every time you trade.

You must buy your food and ingredients from reputable suppliers.

Hand washing

When handling open food, hot and cold water or water at a suitably controlled temperature, together with soap and hand drying facilities must be available. Hand cleaning gels or liquids are not acceptable. Waste water must be contained and properly disposed of.

Food equipment washing facilities

Detergents such as washing up liquid must be used for equipment washing. A supply of hot water should be made available for washing equipment that will be re-used on the stall. Separate and suitably sized sinks or bowls must be provided for food preparation and equipment washing. Disposable paper towel or blue roll should be available for hygienic drying of equipment and surfaces. Ensure there is adequate work space to house these facilities.

Food contact and preparation surfaces

Surfaces and equipment should be easy to clean and disinfect, in good condition, visibly clean and in good repair. Ensure defective or damaged chopping boards, tongs, display trays and other equipment are replaced. Fittings and equipment should be made from good quality materials capable of being readily cleaned. Bare wood is not acceptable. Sanitizers which are BS EN1276 or BS EN13697 compliant must be used to disinfect where necessary.

Temperature control

If mobile refrigerated units are not available, ice or ice packs in insulated cool boxes are a suitable means of controlling food temperatures. These must be clean and replaced throughout the day as necessary:

  • Cooked must reach over 75°C
  • Hot must be kept above 63°C
  • Frozen should be maintained at -18°C

Set up

Set up is from 7am on market days. All pitches must be set up by the start of trading hours. Traders must arrive by 7:30am to the allocated pitches. No trader may begin to clear their pitch during the stated trading hours.

Payment and parking

We offer traders the choice of trading on a casual or permanent basis, with payment being collected during set up on the trading day. A receipt will be provided once the pitch fee has been settled.

Vehicles entering and leaving the market site must be driven with due care and attention to others.

Real deal

We signed a charter agreement with Real Deal, which is an initiative that supports local authorities, trading standards and market traders, in the fight to keep counterfeit goods out of UK markets and car boot sales.


We will provide pitches with council-owned stalls (3m x 3m). Traders hiring a our stalls must comply with the following:

  • Hired stall must not be left unattended at any time
  • Charges will be applied to any damage or parts not returned
  • The Market Authority can agree to additional space if available and if in the interest of the market.
  • The relevant charge will be applied on a half pitch basis.
  • Traders must ensure that during trading hours, pitches are presentable and in keeping with the market.
  • If the Market Authority, in its opinion, deems that a trader’s stall is unacceptable in condition or appearance the trader’s occupation of the pitch may be terminated.
  • The Market Authority reserves the right to re-designate pitches.
  • Traders shall take out Public Liability Insurance at a recommended minimum of £2 million.
  • Payment for the use of pitches is to be made on each market day or via payment plan method (discount scheme).
  • Traders who do not attend regularly or according to their application and do not notify the Market Authority in advance of the reason may forfeit their place at the market.
  • Successful applicants for a regular pitch will have use of the allocated pitch for an indefinite period, subject to seven days in writing on either side.
  • Notifications must be made in advance if they wish to make changes with regards to trades, goods, insurance etc.

Trading regulations

It is the responsibility for all traders to acquaint themselves with the trading regulation regarding their own specialist area and abide by it. No counterfeit, replica guns, live animals, drugs, legal highs or adult entertainment goods to be displayed or sold.

Any accident caused through failure to observe statuary requirements or negligence is the responsibility of the licensed trader.


Traders and any person working for them are expected to present a positive image at the market and to treat fellow traders and others with courtesy at all times.

Stall holders must ensure that they, or any person working for them, do nothing which in the opinion of the Market Authority is a nuisance or annoyance to a member of the public or detrimental to the efficient running of the market.

Traders or any person working for them must comply with any reasonable direction of the Market Authority, police or fire representative.

  • The sales of goods by auctions are not permitted.
  • Noise to be kept to a minimum prior to 9am.
  • The use of playing of recorded or live music is only acceptable with the prior permission of the authorized council officer.

Responsibility for adherence to the market rules and for behavior of any person working for them remains with the trader to whom the pitch was allocated. Failure to comply with the rules may result in disciplinary procedure.

Market safety

Every trader must trade in compliance with The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, current health and safety regulations, food hygiene regulations, codes of practice and other locally enforceable requirements and must immediately comply with the instructions of the Market Authority, police or fire officer in respect of health and safety matters.

Traders must confine their activities to their pitch and must not allow goods or equipment to project beyond the front or sides of their stall.

All electrical installations and equipment shall be maintained by a competent person (Electricity at Work Regulations 1989). Any cabling for electrical equipment should be of the correct length required and not obstructing pavement access. Any cabling running along the floor requires covering with an outdoor specification floor cable cover, where this cannot be used Yellow and Black tape should be used to highlight the trailing cable.

Hazardous goods or materials must not be brought onto the market site.

In windy and stormy weather additional care must be taken to restrain signs, goods and equipment which could cause injury to others. If in the opinion of the Market Authority extreme weather exists, then the market will not operate at any cost to the market trader.


It is the responsibility of each trader to ensure that all refuse generated by or collecting upon their pitch is removed at the end of the day.

Pitches are to be kept clear of refuse and of a tidy appearance during trading hours.

East Northamptonshire

Farmers markets are venues for local producers to sell fresh, local ingredients direct to customers:


Kettering markets are run by Kettering Town Council.


The following markets are held in Wellingborough on Orient Plaza (next to Barclays bank):

  • General market - Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 7:30am to 3pm
  • Bric a brac market - Every Tuesday from 7:30am to 3pm

Public toilets, shopmobility service and dedicated parking for the disabled are immediately adjacent to the market.

Last updated 06 July 2023