Local land charges - Service and fees

A local land charge is an entry in the local land charges register that is a restriction or prohibition on land, or a financial charge which is binding on successive owners or occupiers.

A charge can originate from councils and other public bodies, and we have a statutory right to register these obligations or charges. 

Our service

Our small team carries out local searches, provides a facility for personal search companies and deals with CON29 requests. Local land charges searches are carried out to inform and protect prospective buyers. 

We aim to respond to all standard local searches within 10 working days of receipt and any written query within 5 working days.

Examples of information held in the local land charges register include: 

  • A condition imposed on a planning permission after 1 August 1977
  • Tree Preservation Order
  • Listed building 
  • Conservation area orders 
  • Land compensation
  • Financial charge
  • Enforcement notice
  • Miscellaneous notices 


Our searches will only relate to the property or land described on the form. They do not include surrounding areas or neighbouring properties.

Information about drains and sewers cannot be provided by the Council, and a separate property search with Geodesys is required. 

The register is regulated under the provisions of the Local Land Charges Act 1975 and is held at our offices in Corby, Kettering, Thrapston and Wellingborough.

Fees 2024/25

SearchResidential searchCommercial and land searches
CON29 only£138 (£115 + £23 VAT) £190.80 (£159 + £31.80 VAT)
LLC1 only£25 (VAT exempt) £25 (VAT exempt)
CON29 and LLC1                          £163  (£115 + VAT £23 + £25) £215.80 (£159 + £31.80 VAT + £25)
CON29 (O) (Q4 to 22)                         £27.60 each (£23 + £4.60 VAT) £27.60 each (£23 + £4.60 VAT)
Second parcel LLC1£12 (VAT exempt) £12 (VAT exempt)
Second parcel CON 29   £27.60 (£23 + £4.60 VAT) £27.60 (£23 + £4.60 VAT)
Other enquiries£48 per question (£40 + £8 VAT)£48 per question (£40 + £8 VAT)

Searches and requests will not be processed until payment has been received. 

Last updated 10 April 2024