Business or commercial waste


Garden waste for non-residential properties

Most non-residential properties need to subscribe via our commercial service, including:

  • camp or caravan sites (single caravans lived in all year round can use our normal service)
  • charities
  • general commercial properties or places of business
  • educational establishments
  • hall or other premises used wholly or mainly for public meetings (e.g. village or community hall)
  • hospital
  • premises occupied by a club or society or any association of persons (e.g. cricket, bowling, tennis or rugby clubs)
  • prison or other penal institution
  • residential hostel
  • residential or nursing home

Commercial or residential

These types of properties can have a standard garden waste subscription if they need 4 or fewer garden waste bins, and don't produce extra garden waste as part of their business. Otherwise, they need a commercial subscription:

  • Dual-use property with a business run out of a residential property (e.g. hairdressers or childminder)
  • Place of worship 

Residential hostel

If the people in residential hostels pay council tax, the hostel can pay for up to 4 garden waste bins using our standard garden waste subscription. If the hostel wants more than 4 bins, then they need to request a commercial quote.

All residential hostels that pay business rates need to use our commercial service.


To subscribe to our commercial garden waste service, complete our request form and our team will get back to you.

Last updated 09 November 2023