Make a planning application

Supporting documents and reports


Other reports will be needed for some applications. Common reports required include:

  • Design and Access Statement: A Design and Access Statement is required if
    • you are making an application for a 'major' development or listed building consent
    • the site is in a conservation area and the application is for one or more dwellings, or building(s) with a floor space of 100sqm or more
  • Heritage Impact Assessment: This is needed if
    • your property is in, or adjacent to, a conservation area
    • your property is, or adjacent to, a listed building
  • Tree Survey: If your property has any trees


Other documents you may need to provide, depending on the application:

  • Air quality assessment
  • Archaeological assessment
  • Biodiversity survey and report
  • Crime impact assessment
  • Flood risk assessment
  • Heads of terms – Section 106 agreement
  • Heritage impact assessment
  • Housing statement
  • Land contamination assessment
  • Landscaping details
  • Lighting assessment
  • Noise assessment
  • Odour impact assessment
  • Photographs
  • Statement of community involvement
  • Structural survey
  • Supporting planning statement
  • Sustainability appraisal and energy statement
  • Town centre uses
  • Transport assessment and statement
  • Travel plan
  • Tree survey or arboricultural implications
  • Utilities assessment

Last updated 19 May 2023