Professional referrals to adult social care

Professionals working with adults can make a referral to us for additional support.

There are different processes you should follow depending on the needs of the individual.


If your concern is of a safeguarding nature you should refer to the safeguarding process.

Individual with eligible support needs

If you think that the person you’re working with may be eligible for support from adult social care, you can submit a referral. This will help us decide what the next steps should be.

We will need to know some basic information about the patient such as their:

  • name
  • address
  • date of birth
  • contact details
  • GP details

We'll also need:

  • any relevant health conditions
  • current living and support arrangements
  • what they wish to achieve
  • confirmation that you’ve sought their consent or that you've assessed that they lack the mental capacity to agree to a referral
  • confirmation that you've made the decision in their best interests

Individuals with difficulty managing day-to-day activities

An Occupational Therapy assessment can help people live more independently at home if they are finding it hard to manage day-to-day activities due to a physical, mental or sensory impairment, illness or old age.

This may be through the provision of equipment, aids and/or adaptations. It may also identify the need for assistive technology.

Individual in an unpaid caring role

If an individual looks after someone with support needs, you can refer them for a carer's assessment. This will look at what support they need in their role as a carer and how we can help.

Individual who you feel lacks capacity within a Care Home or Hospital setting

Applications for DoLS (Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards) must be made where the person lacks the mental capacity to decide about (consent to or refuse) the accommodation and support arrangements assessed to be necessary for them and is being deprived of their liberty.

DoLS applications can only be submitted by the Managing Authority (Care Home/Hospital)

An external professional cannot submit referrals on behalf of a Managing Authority but you can prompt the care home or hospital to make the referral.

Changes to an individual’s circumstances 

If someone is receiving help and support from us and now their circumstances have changed, you can request a review.

This could include changes to their situation such as their:

  • needs
  • support
  • finances
  • personal details such as their address

Last updated 01 April 2023