Become a Shared Lives carer


Become a Shared Lives carer

We have many people with different support needs who are looking for short or long-term support through our Shared Lives scheme, and we’re always looking for new carers in North Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas.

All Shared Lives carers are trained and supported to ensure that they receive the help and support they need. Shared Lives carers are paid according to the type of support they are required to provide to the customer.

Shared Lives is a regulated service by (CQC) Care Quality Commission.


Our assessment explores: 

  • why you want to join the Shared Lives scheme
  • what you can offer a person 
  • how you will help them to live independently and confidently 

After a successful application, we will organise a thorough induction process for the carer and person supported. 

We will regularly visit the household and carry out regulated service monitoring and reviews to make sure the relationship is working well and that all parties are happy with the placement.

A probation period will take place where the officer will visit each month for 6 months.

Once this period has been completed, 3 monthly visits will take place between the representative and the carer. 

The person receiving care will receive 6 monthly review visits.

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To apply, you will need your:

  • current and previous employment history
  • education, qualifications and training
  • supporting statement
  • referee details

Last updated 11 June 2024