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A variety of different organisations are providing courses in North Northamptonshire. We'll provide details on which courses you can book soon.

C2C Social Action​

  • One-to-one work and courses - Designed to increase confidence with numbers for those needing the first steps towards formal numeracy qualifications. All are based on functional numeracy. Usual group sessions to encourage attendees to weigh and measure, calculate time, count and plan resources for planned activities (planned activities include craft, walking, wellbeing, etc)
  • Budgeting Course - Designed to help people use numeracy to manage their money
  • 1-1 numeracy courses - For men in C2C houses who have recently been released from prison or on temporary license. All are based around functional numeracy setting up bank accounts, budgeting and money management. Practical numeracy for gardening, cooking, home maintenance, job hunting, timetables, etc
  • Numeracy activities - Courses or provision developed in partnership with community organisations and other partners aimed at engaging the hardest-to-reach learners

Citizens Advice Services (Corby and Kettering)

Citizens Advice will be offering the following courses:

  • Introduction to financial capability
  • Creating and managing a household budget
  • Debt management and benefit maximisation
  • Understanding credit

Contact: Email [email protected] or phone 01536 482281

eVolve your Future LTD

eVolve your future LTD offer the following course:

  • Employee Assessments - Employed individuals who want to assess their numeracy skills and explore options to improve those skills to progress in work or a career change

Contact: Email [email protected] or phone 01933 358250

Learning and Skills Academy CIC​ 

Learning and Skills Academy will be offering the following courses:

  • Community-based workshops - Based around the cost of living support and real-life numeracy support, incorporating technology to help with online banking and paying bills as well as improving accessibility to money management so that learners feel at ease and more in control with numbers
  • Face-to-face and online courses - Including understanding payslips and using numbers in the workplace to make work easier

Contact: [email protected]

​​Northampton Town FC Community Trust​

Northampton Town FC Community Trust will be offering the following courses:

  • Winning with Numbershelps parents and children work together to improve their numeracy skills and confidence. The project will take place in various after-school clubs for ten weeks, bringing fun new ways of learning with numbers. Every parent and child will have free access to the Winning with Numbers online platform so fun learning never ends!
  • Scorea 12-week programme either one-to-one or in small groups teaching a range of numeracy topics. These will be delivered at community venues in North Northamptonshire. Sessions will be themed around the Premier League, EFL and Northampton Town FC.
  • Multiply Matchday ExperienceParents and children are invited to Northampton Town FC Home matches to take part in a learning day, with real-life numeracy learning with real-life scenarios of how numeracy is used within match day logistics, planning and general use of numeracy.

Contact: [email protected]

Teamwork Trust

Teamwork Trust will be offering the following courses: 

  • Confidence in telling the time
  • Confidence in handling money
  • Confidence with numbers
  • Numeracy at work
  • Cooking from around the world
  • Crafty Maths

Contact: [email protected]

TBCG The Bedford College Group​ 

The Bedford College Group​ offer flexible learning for accredited qualifications with one-to-one and small-group support.

Find a course with the National Careers Service.

Contact: [email protected]

The University of Northampton

  • Numeracy and maths - Developing strategies to understand and tackle numeracy, how to support your children
  • Sessions with employers - Numeracy workshops to reflect maths in the real world (e.g in the supermarket, in sport, preparing for an interview, managing budgets, at the vets, DIY, cooking a recipe) including how finance, money ratios, discount, budgets, distance and time are used and tips to manage these previous barriers
  • Careers information advice and guidance workshop - Understand how numeracy can positively impact your career development.

Contact: [email protected] or phone 07751 970759

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Northants Adult Learning

  • Household Budgeting - Our budgeting and planning course covers a range of topics including savings, better-off calculations, basic budgeting, interest rates, deals and shopping, home improvements, cooking and baking. This course will help you develop the essential maths skills needed to manage your finances and improve your overall budgeting and planning skills.
  • Crafting for Maths - Our craft courses will help you improve your maths skills whilst learning measurements, and dimensions along with helping to budget your money.
  • Family Maths - Our family maths courses are designed to support parents of primary-aged children to develop the numerical and mathematical skills to be able to support their children with home- and schoolwork, and to be more confident in their own use of maths in applied situations.
  • Cooking on a Budget - Learn how to make delicious and healthy food whilst using measuring and weighing skills to help improve your maths.

Contact: [email protected] or phone 01604 367119

Last updated 02 October 2023