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Order 1975

Order 1975

North Northamptonshire Council Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

The Northamptonshire County Council (Wellingborough District) (Waiting restrictions and on-street parking places) (Consolidation) Order 2009 (Amendment No. 23) Order 2023

North Northamptonshire Council (hereinafter referred to as “the Council”) in exercise of the powers conferred by Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 32, 35 and Part IV of Schedule 9 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (“the Act of 1984”), as amended and the Traffic Management Act 2004 and of all other powers them enabling and after consultation with the Chief Officer of Police in accordance with Part III of Schedule 9 to the Act of 1984 and with the Traffic Management Act 2004, hereby make the following Order:

  1. This Order shall come into operation on XXXXXX and may be cited as “The Northamptonshire County Council (Wellingborough District) (Waiting Restrictions and On-Street Parking Places) (Consolidation) Order 2009 (Amendment No. 23) Order 20XX”.
  2. Without prejudice to the validity of anything done or to any liability incurred in respect of any act or omission before the coming into operation of this Order, “The Northamptonshire County Council (Wellingborough District) (Waiting and Loading Restrictions and On-Street Parking Places) (Consolidation) Order 2009” shall continue in full force and effect subject to the incorporation of the amendments detailed on the plans identified in Schedule 1 attached to this Order.

Executed as a deed by affixing the common seal of North Northamptonshire Council on the X day of X in the presence of:

Authorised Signatory

Last updated 14 June 2023