Apply for a memorial plaque - Cyril Sellars memorial walk

Coronation park - Cyril Sellars walk

A memorial walk dedicated to Cyril Sellars, a long-standing friend of Coronation Park in Corby, was officially opened in 2023, with the garden being designed to have a contemporary feel, incorporating a set of new gates which depict the succession of the moon - symbolising rebirth.

Given Corby’s historic links to the steel works, steel has been used throughout alongside a memorial constructed of stone previously used on the site.


You can apply for a brass memorial plaque (4 by 2 inches) dedicated to a loved one. This will be mounted on the stone memorial at the centre of the walk at a cost of £100.

Your plaque can have up to 4 lines and is limited to 20 characters per line, including any spaces, and is limited to wording and dates only. Plaques can't include emblems or slogans.

Last updated 06 October 2023