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Young people's art competition


30 April 2021

Poster about a Covid-19 art competition for young people

Young Northamptonshire Residents need to get creative fast if they are to enter a countywide competition which could see one lucky youngster win a PlayStation 5. But it closes on May 14 so there are just two weeks left to get an entry in.

The incredible prize is just one of many up for grabs in an Arts Competition being held by Free2Talk and Public Health Northamptonshire’s Northamptonshire COVID-19 Youth Ambassadors and has a very special theme - Young People's Experiences of the Pandemic.

Youngsters have had mixed experiences of the pandemic and the competition will help them get their feelings onto paper, on video or whatever medium they choose to enter the competition in.

  • Poetry
  • Story telling
  • Painting
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Spoken word
  • Sculpture
  • Drawing

If it’s an art form they can enter!

The mediums have deliberately been left broad so as to be as inclusive as possible and there is no lower age limit, entrants must be 18 or under on the closing date (and wholly or partly resident in Northamptonshire).

This is part of a wider piece of work being carried out with young people across Northamptonshire, in an effort to engage with them on platforms and in ways they are familiar with, during the pandemic, as well as to provide youngsters with the services they need to support them going forwards, either signposting to existing ones, or ensuring the right help exists.

So if you have a creative youngster, or know one, please let them know about the competition and that they need to email their entries to [email protected] before midnight on 14 May.