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Vision for the future of North Northants to be discussed

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03 May 2023

Latest news with Corby Cube in the background

The aspirations for the future of the area of North Northamptonshire will be on the agenda for next week’s meeting of the council’s Executive.

A report will update Councillors on the rationale, thinking and work undertaken so far with partners to create a North Northamptonshire Vision for the future.

The Council, alongside partners, is looking ahead and imagining the place that North Northamptonshire can be in 2050 - somewhere that residents deserve to live in.

The proposed vision for the best life in North Northamptonshire in 2050 has been based around three, initial, key priorities:

  • Proud place - A place with clear goals and a plan of how to get there, where people feel inspired and safe.
  • Prosperous place - A place full of thriving businesses and a skilled population who can achieve their ambitions.
  • Proactive place - A place which understands the issues its people face and how to address them early, so everyone can live the best life.

It is also proposed that a ‘Big 50’ conference is held in 2023 to further engage with key stakeholders, refine the vision and help with wider ownership.

As we enter our third year as a unitary authority, we believe we now have a great opportunity to look to the future and to imagine the place that North Northamptonshire can be in 2050.

The North Northamptonshire Vision now needs further refinement and wider ownership. To do this, we are proposing that a conference is held to bring together key stakeholder that have an important role to play in this process.

This is a really exciting time for us and the whole of North Northamptonshire. I am looking forward to discussing the Vision with my fellow Executive members.
Cllr Jason Smithers, Leader of the Council

The full report and North Northamptonshire Vision document can be viewed online and the Executive will meet at the Cube in Corby on Thursday 11 May at 10am. The meeting will be live streamed on YouTube.