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Virtual climate change conference to showcase North Northamptonshire sustainability and environmental projects


04 November 2022

NN Climate 22 logo

How we could all travel and live sustainably in the future, re-naturing in North Northamptonshire and the development of renewable energy are just some of the topics that will be showcased at a virtual climate change conference next month.

NNClimate22 – organised by North Northamptonshire Council - will take place online on Thursday, November 17.

The day, which will start at 9.30am, will focus on three sessions:

  • Looking forward – our new low carbon future
  • Sustainability and nature recovery – the way ahead
  • The future of our communities – providing local solutions

It will feature keynote speakers including representatives from, Electric Corby, the University of Northampton, Kier Highways and the Friars Academy in Wellingborough.

The conference will be virtual, taking place online to reduce the carbon footprint of the event. It will be broadcast live on YouTube for anyone to watch.

This is the second such forum that the council has convened, building on the success of the inaugural conference – NNClimate21 – in November 2021.

The environmental challenges that we all face have never been more apparent and delegates coming together here in North Northamptonshire is a great way to see the excellent work we have going on in this area and to exchange ideas.

After the success of last year’s conference, I’m delighted that we are once again in a position to showcase a selection of keynote speakers representing crucial environmental themes.
Cllr Harriet Pentland, the Council’s Executive Member for Climate and the Green Environment
Mitigating the risks of climate change and making adaptations is important for every organisation around the globe. Understanding the challenges and what solutions are available to us is key to the delivery of services for the people of North Northants in future years.

Having the conference online means that we widen the accessibility for more people and I hope we get as many viewers as possible who will hopefully find inspiration.
Cllr Jason Smithers, Leader of the Council