Safety improvements made to pedestrian crossings in Kettering

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04 April 2024

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North Northamptonshire Council has reviewed the timings and operation of 36 pedestrian crossings in Kettering in an effort to improve road safety levels.

As part of the council’s active travel plans, a review of signal timings and operation within the Kettering area has taken place to increase the use of crossings i.e. pedestrians using the crossing and then waiting for the green man before crossing.

On average, the 36 crossings will now operate on average 20% quicker, reducing the time pedestrians have to wait before being able to cross. Drivers should see minimal difference to their journey times.

NNC is trialling the changes in the Kettering area and will be reviewing the impact of changes, before considering whether to look at pedestrian crossings across the wider area.

By making changes, reducing the amount of time pedestrians have to wait before the lights change and they can cross the road, we are looking to encourage everyone to use the formal, designated crossing points more, which will in turn hopefully improve road safety levels.

A lot of work has been completed by officers to look at the previous timings of the crossings and a review will continue to take place to analyse the impact of the changes.
Cllr Matt Binley, the council’s Executive Member for Highways, Travel and Assets
As a Council, we are always looking at ways we can encourage active travel and this project is part of a wider focus on cycling and walking infrastructure across North Northamptonshire, all designed to help people get out and about, living healthier lifestyles.Jason Smithers, Leader of the Council