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Residents can now sign up to our new garden waste collection service

Bins, recycling and street cleansing

16 January 2023

Garden leaves being raked up

Residents across North Northamptonshire can now (from Monday, January 16) sign up for the new optional, chargeable 12 month garden waste collection service.

The annual subscription charge for the fortnightly service, with collections starting on April 3, 2023, is £40 per bin and can be paid online via debit or credit card.

More details about the service and how to sign up are available in the garden waste section of the council’s website.

People can sign up any time and, once payment is processed, will receive a new garden waste permit for sticking onto their bin so collection crews know to collect it.


As part of the refreshed service, the council will also be offering an enhancement to the subsidised compost bin scheme, where residents can buy a home compost bin for £5 plus delivery.

The authority will also be offering an ad hoc sack collection system, at £16.50 for ten compostable sacks, for those not needing or wanting a bin.

Residents can also take green waste to their nearest household waste recycling centre in the NNC area for free disposal.

Those living in the former East Northants area

Up until now, people living in the former East Northants district area have had to pay an annual charge of £55 for their collections, while the remainder of the council area have not.

To acknowledge the historic disparity in charging for green waste collections, the council has decided that existing subscribers will be offered a first year £20 discount at their next renewal meaning they will pay just £20 for their first full year under the new scheme.

This discount will be for the first year of the scheme only. After this the annual cost will align with the rest of the North Northants area at £40 a year.

The new charge for any new subscribers in East Northants is already in place and they will pay the new charge of £40

I live in the former Wellingborough area – what do I do?

The normal winter pause has applied this year in the former Borough Council of Wellingborough area with garden waste collections having stopped in November and due to restart in spring 2023.

Garden waste collections – under the existing scheme - are due to start again in the weeks commencing Monday, March 13 and Monday, March 20, 2023. When the existing scheme starts again, residents should put their garden waste bin out on the same day as their recycling bin.

Residents will have to subscribe to the new paid-for service to be eligible for collections from April 3, 2023. The service will then run all year round in line with the rest of the NNC area.

Further information

Details on all the garden waste services mentioned above are available on the council’s website.

Residents unable to go online can subscribe to the service by Calling Customer Services on 0300 126 3000. Our lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.