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Projects suitable for the 'Levelling Up Fund' urged to come forward

Business and licensing

04 February 2022

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North Northamptonshire Council (NNC) has launched an online survey designed to identify any plans in the area that could access the Levelling Up Fund. 

Any bid submitted to the Levelling Up Fund  can be a single, or a package of related (themed or geographically focussed), projects up to a value of £20m.

NNC are currently identifying potential projects which could be put forward through various steps, including an online survey to gather information about projects the council may be previously unaware of.

Projects must be capital i.e. involve spend on a physical asset, and delivered by the end of March 2024 to support economic prosperity by investing in infrastructure projects. 

The online survey is open and includes questions on description and purpose of project, what priority themes it covers, how it would align with local and national policy and priorities, amongst other key questions.

The Levelling Up Fund looks at projects across three key investment themes, transport, regeneration and town centre and cultural and we are looking for projects that come under any of these themes. It could be a smaller project, which could be put forward by NNC as part of a group of themed projects, or a large-scale project that will help to transform the local area and North Northants.Cllr David Brackenbury, NNC’s Executive Member for Growth & Regeneration
This funding is designed to support economic prosperity and our net zero carbon ambitions through investing in infrastructure, so it is vital that we seek every opportunity to take advantage of it.

To that end, we are starting to put together a list of potential projects that could be submitted, but, we also want to hear from Town and Parish councils, businesses and other organisations about suggestions and projects across North Northamptonshire that might be important to them. 

We want to give every part of the district the opportunity to contribute, so, if you currently have a project in the pipeline, just an idea or an issue that needs resolving, please come forward and complete the online survey.
Cllr Graham Lawman, NNC’s Executive Member for Highways, Travel & Assets


The survey is online now and can be accessed via NNC’s Citizen Space and will close on 20 February.