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Post-16 and non-entitled school transport: deadline for applications

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12 May 2022

Image of seats on a bus

Pupils who are considering going into post-16 education in September 2022 or are of statutory school age but not entitled to free home to school transport are being encouraged by North Northamptonshire Council to apply for a seat on one of our existing contracted services. This includes children with Education, Health and Care Plans. 

The council offers travel assistance for both sets of pupils – subject to eligibility criteria and the availability of transport.

The deadline for applications for the new academic year (starting in September 2022) is Tuesday, May 31.

Applications need to be made before the deadline to ensure that the bus pass can be processed on time. Therefore I’d encourage all applications to be made as soon as possible.

All the necessary information is available on the council’s website and applications need to be made online.
Cllr Scott Edwards, the council’s Executive member for Children, Families, Education and Skills
Applications need to be made on time to make sure pupils don’t miss out.

We try our best to offer assistance to families wherever we can, however spaces are limited.
Cllr Jason Smithers, Leader of the Council

Post 16 and Non-Entitled school transport applications only cover one academic year, therefore a new application needs to be submitted every year.

It cannot be guaranteed that a seat will be available for a child for applications received after May 31, 2022.

Any applications received after the deadline may not be processed until the October half term and will be dependent on spare capacity being available. This would mean that alternative arrangements would need to be made so children could attend their education setting. 

Applicants receive a confirmation email upon receipt. For applications received after the deadline, contact might not be made until the applications have been processed and a seat can be offered. 

School transport can only be provided at the normal start and finish times (as published by the chosen educational setting). Individual course timetables cannot be taken into account.

For more information and to apply online please visit the council’s website.

Please be aware that if your child will be attending either Northampton College or Moulton College then parents should apply directly to the college for travel assistance.