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North Northamptonshire Warm Spaces needs your help

Supporting residents

07 December 2022

North Northamptonshire Council recognises that it will be unaffordable for many to heat their homes for as long as they would do normally. Which is why we are both running and supporting warm spaces through the North Northamptonshire Warm Spaces initiative. 

Warm Spaces provide somewhere a person who needs to get warm can go to, for free, to enjoy warmth and have a hot drink. 

We have added a map of Warm Spaces, and details, to our existing Cost of Living web pages, but need your help in sharing them. If you know someone who you think might benefit, but doesn’t have access to the internet, please let them know about their nearby Warm Spaces.  

Unfortunately, people who are elderly or suffer from long term health conditions are particularly vulnerable to the cold and need to be supported to access warmth this Winter. As well as offering Warm Spaces ourselves, it was really important to map where others are so as many people as possible can access one close by.Councillor Helen Harrison, Executive Member for Adults, Health and Wellbeing

This Winter will be a difficult time for many, both in terms of physical health and mental health, which is why both North Northamptonshire Libraries and Community Libraries are being supported to signpost residents to Public Health’s free health and wellbeing services. Health and wellbeing advisors will also be on hand at many of the library Warm Space sessions. 

Libraries are such important parts of our communities that it was only natural to open them as part of the North Northamptonshire Warm Spaces. Anyone who goes along will be welcomed and have somewhere safe to warm up with a hot drink, they do not need to be an existing library member.Councillor Helen Howell, the council’s Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Sport, Leisure, Culture and Tourism
I would particularly like to thank all the wonderful organisations across North Northamptonshire who have signed up to North Northamptonshire Warm Spaces. 

Our North Northamptonshire communities have shown time and time again how supportive they are in looking out for each other. That’s why I am sure our residents will help spread the message about local Warm Spaces to others, so ensure that those who need to access them this Winter will be able to.
Leader of North Northamptonshire Council, Councillor Jason Smithers

If you are opening your doors as a Warm Space in North Northamptonshire, and haven’t yet filled in the survey, please do so we can promote your warm space and support you.