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North Northamptonshire Council receives grant to improve local ‘Binfrastructure’

Bins, recycling and street cleansing

01 November 2021

Local ward Councillors, Cllr Robin Carter and Cllr Carolyn Carter with one of the new bins

The Street Cleansing team at North Northamptonshire Council (NNC) covering Kettering and Corby have been awarded £21,000 in UK Government funding under the Resource Action Fund to help improve the ‘Binfrastructure’ (bin infrastructure) within litter-prone hotspots.

The money received will be used to install new litter bins at known littering hotspots across Corby and Kettering. 

To celebrate the grant, NNC will be running a competition for infant and juniors to design their own anti-littering poster, with the winning designs placed on the new litter bins. Officers from NNC will be making contact with local schools to encourage pupils to take part.

Whether it’s an apple core, cigarette butt or takeaway coffee cup, littering is thoughtless and has such a negative impact on our communities. I would urge everyone in Kettering and Corby to use these new bins for their litter when out and about and help us keep North Northamptonshire clean and tidy.

I’m delighted that we are able to spread the message through involving local pupils as education is an important part of our strategy.
Cllr Graham Lawman, NNC Executive Member for Highways, Travel & Assets
Since we approved our litter strategy that will continue to tackle the issue across North Northamptonshire, our Officers have been working hard to put our plan into action. This grant money from DEFRA will help and make such a difference at littering hotspots in Kettering and Corby.Cllr Jason Smithers, Leader of NNC

35 new bins have been installed across the two towns, including one outside Kettering Buccleuch Academy which it is hoped will help minimise the littering problem outside the school.

This investment in additional litter bins is a wonderful project that can help us to enhance our community and environment by supporting and encouraging everyone to keep it clean and tidy from an early age upwards.

A simple thing like a well placed bin can make a world of difference.
Local ward Councillors, Cllr Robin Carter and Cllr Carolyn Carter

If a school would like to take part in the anti-littering poster competition and haven’t been contacted, they can email [email protected] 

The grant has been awarded to NNC by WRAP, which administers the fund on behalf of the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.