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New Parking teams take to the streets of North Northants

Parking, roads and transport

31 May 2023

Parking officer with Cllr Lawman

North Northamptonshire Council’s new in-house Parking Enforcement and Traffic Processing teams are now up and running across the entirety of North Northants, based from one location.

The Enforcement team plan to work further and closely with local stakeholders, including residents and businesses to address local parking concerns. With the team set to grow further, they will be prioritising key locations across North Northants such as town centres, public car parks (including Country Parks) and school requests.

Meanwhile the Processing team will monitor all penalty charge notices and manage any cases that go for adjudication (previously this was run by West Northamptonshire Council). This also includes responsibility for all permit applications and requests for parking bay suspensions across North Northants.

As the team grows, residents should notice an increased presence, as well as a change in uniform, and an improved and dedicated service. By bringing the team together in one place, we’ll be able to work more efficiently, including with communities to address local parking concerns and respond to calls for enforcement.

In particular, we will be working to educate drivers, as well as, enforce and ensure that the pavements are kept clear to allow the visually impaired and mobility scooter riders to pass safely and make the shopping experience in our centres more enjoyable.

Drivers should remember that any yellow lines extend back across the pavement to the boundary of the property behind and that loading bays and disabled bays are there for a purpose and should not be abused.

I went out with the team recently and was very impressed with their professionalism and common-sense approach and understanding as well ability to enforce where necessary. Pleasingly, a number of members of the public came and thanked them for their work, as do I.
Cllr Graham Lawman, the council’s Executive Member for Highways, Travel and Assets
Since 1 April 2021, teams across the council have been looking at ways to transform and improve. This is just one example of the changes we are making to future proof our services.

As well as future proofing, having an in-house enforcement team helps keep traffic move more freely across towns and villages and ensuring residents are safe when out and about, not just in their vehicle but also on foot.
Cllr Jason Smithers, Leader of the Council

The new team have been based at Sheerness House in Kettering since the beginning of April and can be contacted via email on [email protected] or 0300 373 1022 (Options 3 or 4)