New measures from April 2024 to manage houses in multiple occupation in parts of Corby

Planning and building control

19 March 2024

North Northamptonshire Council has confirmed the introduction of an Article 4 direction for parts of Kingswood in Corby, following public consultation last year. 

This means that planning permission will be needed to convert a single house into a house in multiple occupation, or ‘HMO’, from April 24, 2024, which is the date the direction will come into force.

HMOs are properties rented out by more than two people who are not from the same family or household but share basic facilities like a kitchen or bathroom.

The Council recognises that HMOs play an important part in the housing market and provide a home for many people. 

A rigorous investigation has been carried out to assess concentrations of HMO across North Northamptonshire, including consultation with local people that raised concerns about a change in the character of the area, poor appearance of the properties and car parking problems.

Small HMOs, defined as those with up to seven occupants for planning purposes, do not ordinarily need planning permission to change use from a house to HMO as this is allowed under permitted development rights. 

The aim of the direction is not to prevent this type of development, but to give the Council the opportunity to properly assess the impact of this type of development within the designated area through the requirement to submit a planning application.Cllr David Brackenbury, the Council’s Executive Member for Growth and Regeneration
We have some wonderful communities in North Northants and while we recognise that change is inevitable it’s essential that this is managed properly.

This direction has been introduced after local MP Tom Pursglove highlighted to me his concerns that had been fed back from residents, which led to a consultation being carried out last year. This direction is very useful in regulating development.
Jason Smithers, Leader of the Council

The introduction of the Article 4 direction removes the permitted development right for properties in the affected area, so will require a planning application to be submitted to the Council to consider in the context of local policies and circumstances.

The direction and area to which this applies can be viewed on the Article 4 directions page of the Council’s website.

Individual properties can be searched for using the online interactive map to see if an individual property is affected by the introduction of the Article 4 direction. Select ‘Article 4 Direction, Kingswood Corby’ from the list of map layers to view.

The direction does not affect licensing arrangements for HMOs, which are dealt with by the Council’s private sector housing team.