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New green strategies on the NNC Executive agenda


18 August 2022

Two new initiatives, the Pollinator Policy and Tree Management & Care Policy will be discussed at next week’s meeting of North Northamptonshire Council’s Executive.

The Pollinator Policy will set out how the council is seeking to improve habitats for pollinator species (and other wildlife) in all its parks and open spaces. Areas covered in the policy include:

  • Increase forage resources for pollinator species
  • Improve habitats for nesting and overwintering pollinators
  • Reduce pesticide use
  • Participate in pollinator projects

The North Northamptonshire wide Tree Management & Care Policy looks at how trees are cared for across the area and sets out the council’s approach to:

  • Planting
  • Maintenance
  • Protection
  • Subsidence
  • Felling and Pruning

These new policies, if approved, will grow on existing initiatives in place across the area including the popular ‘Pardon the Weeds’ campaign which has run in Kettering and Corby for several years and has gained worldwide attention. The policies also look at other commitments including replacing any felled trees with at least one more and leaving meadow areas in open spaces to allow flowers to bloom and seed.

Both these policies support the council’s key commitments to a greener, sustainable environment. I am pleased that we are in a position where we can look at a unified approach to these key issues for the whole of North Northamptonshire and I look forward to discussing both policies with the Executive on 25 August.Cllr Harriet Pentland, the council’s Executive Member for Climate and Green Environment
I welcome these reports to the Executive. Since we declared a Climate and Environment Emergency in July 2021, the teams at NNC have worked to ensure we are doing all we can to improve our green environment across North Northamptonshire. 

Cllr Pentland and the Executive Advisory Panel have done such a great job, alongside the dedicated teams at NNC, in such a short time frame to move these policies forward and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them.
Cllr Jason Smithers, Leader of the Council

The reports will be discussed at the meeting of the Executive on Thursday 25 August at 2pm at Corby Cube and the agenda, including both policies, are now available online.