Memorial walk opened in Coronation Park

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25 August 2023

News - opening of walkway in Coronation Park in Corby

A memorial walk dedicated to, Cyril Sellars, a long-standing friend of Coronation Park in Corby has officially been opened by representatives from North Northamptonshire Council and Sheila Sellars, Cyril’s Widow.

Following storms across winter 2021/2022, several established trees were damaged to the point they required removing and a large Pine tree also fell directly onto a rose arbour, causing irreparable structural damage.

Working closely with partners, the team at North Northamptonshire Council started a regeneration scheme in summer 2022, with the garden being designed to have a contemporary feel, incorporating a set of new gates which depict the succession of the moon - to symbolise rebirth.

Given Corby’s historic links to the steel works, steel has been used throughout alongside a memorial constructed of stone previously used on the site.

Sadly, whilst work was taking place on the Memorial Walk, Cyril Sellars a long-standing friend of Coronation Park passed away.

Cyril’s dedication and involvement helped to shape the park and with this in mind, it was decided that the newly launched memorial garden would be in his name - the Cyril Sellars Memorial Walk.

It was lovely to be back at Coronation Park and open the new Memorial Walk, which has been thoughtfully dedicated to a much-loved member of the Coronation Park community. It really is a lovely space for people to reflect and remember loved ones, whilst enjoying the rest of the park. 

It is great that after the terrible storms which caused irreparable damage, our team have been able to work closely with partners, including the brilliant Friends of Coronation Park, to create this quiet and peaceful area that will be used by generations for years to come.
Cllr Harriet Pentland, the council’s Executive Member for Climate and Green Environment
I am so glad that the memorial walk has been dedicated to Cyril as a bench would not have been a fitting tribute, as Cyril spent so many years walking around the park talking to the community and litter picking.James Lowe, the Chairman of Friends of Coronation Park

The Workers memorial has been re-sited from the top Coronation Park to the more fitting location of Memorial Garden following its refurbishment, that was arranged by a representative of the GMB union - Alan Irwin. 

The design has also ensured that the Walk is accessible to all, with everything on one level whilst allowing for people to reflect and spend time.