Keepers urged to register their poultry or captive birds

Trading Standards

26 June 2024


North Northamptonshire Council are reminding everyone who keeps poultry or captive birds to register with the Animal and Plant Health Agency before 1 October 2024.

From the beginning of October, new requirements for all bird keepers who keep their poultry outdoors - regardless of the size of their flock – will come in which will require anyone who owns captive birds or poultry must officially register their birds.

Currently those keepers with less than 50 birds can voluntarily register - this will change from 1 October.

The new rules cover owners of backyard flocks, birds of prey and pigeon fanciers, but do not affect caged pet birds (excluding any poultry species) kept inside a domestic dwelling - like a parrot, canary or budgie.

Registering their birds will mean that keepers will receive important updates relevant to them, including details of local avian disease outbreaks, any associated restrictions and information on how to help protect their flocks. This will help manage future, potential disease outbreaks (including bird flu) and help to limit spread.

Keepers will also be able to keep up to date with the latest national and regional guidance.

Keepers can register their birds and poultry on the website.