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Household Support Fund set to help low wage workers manage cost of living

Supporting residents

21 November 2022

North Northamptonshire Council is committed to supporting households with difficulty managing food and heating costs. 

An estimated 4,000 households of North Northamptonshire residents who are working, but receiving a low wage, will now be able to apply for financial relief. 

The funding, part of the Household Support Fund phase 3, provided by the Department of Work and Pensions, has been allocated to help working North Northants residents who were not eligible for the Cost of Living benefit. 

The payments have been earmarked for employed adults (aged 18 or over) on an income of £300 a week or less. 

Applicants will need to fill in a simple online form, upload payslips and proof of identity, ideally using a computer, and must have a bank account. Once approved they will receive £125 directly into their nominated account with a further £125 credited to the same account 60 days later.

No further application will be needed for the second payment. 

Those who do not have access to a computer can visit a North Northamptonshire library where they are available for free public use.  

For the third Household Support Fund we wanted to help our many hard-working North Northamptonshire residents who are employed but receiving a low wage. 

It’s important that these, who haven’t been eligible for previous Household Support Funds or other support, such as the Cost of Living benefit, don’t miss out on vital help with rising bills.
Cllr Jason Smithers, Leader of the Council

As well as offering support to residents who are working, but receiving a low wage, the Household Support Fund phase 3 is also helping families with children on free school meals with vouchers covering the Christmas holidays.

Additionally the fund is also being used by the council to work with community groups to identify where best to target funds which would benefit up to a further 1,750 families. This assistance will either be in the form of direct payments, payments to charities, or assistance to foodbanks.

We are delighted that this funding will also enable us to support our community groups, who are so important in helping us access those in need, including assistance to foodbanks and warm spaces.Cllr Jason Smithers, Leader of the Council