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Have your say on which issues get scrutinised in your area

Councillors and democracy

15 September 2021

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People are being asked their views on which local issues need to be put under the microscope of North Northamptonshire Council’s Scrutiny arrangements.

Feedback given in this survey will allow the authority’s scrutiny function to focus more closely on those areas people most want to see changed, improved or just better understood.

Areas that could be covered include:

  • National issues that need more of a local response
  • Council services people feel require improvement
  • Council services that need to be provided in a different way
  • Partner organisations that people want the council to work more closely with, such as the Police and Health providers, to better achieve local outcomes

Cllr Wendy Brackenbury, chairman of the council’s scrutiny commission, said:

We are not only interested in looking at those council services people want improved, but also other important issues locally that may cut across public services. We are committed to asking difficult questions for the local community and understanding how we can better work together with other organisations, both locally and nationally, to get the best for North Northamptonshire.

We believe that scrutiny is vital for the successful working of any area. It is essential to us that residents, local businesses and other stakeholders trust us in our decision-making but also see how we can be part of the solution to some of the wider issues that present themselves locally.

We believe that decisions are better made when they are open to challenge and involve others – whether that’s democratically elected representatives, those affected by decisions, or other key stakeholders.

Cllr Mark Pengelly, chairman of the council’s finance and resources scrutiny committee, said:

I would encourage as many people as possible to have their say on those areas that would like us to more closely scrutinise.

We have to remember that the council is here to represent everyone and that everyone can help improve a whole range of things locally, not just those services provided by the council.

I welcome this survey as a key step forward in improving lives for people in North Northants.

The survey is now open and will run until midnight on Sunday, 26 September 2021.
You can complete the survey on the consultation pages of our website.

Next steps

Responses to this survey will be provided to scrutiny committee members – who will review the responses to understand where their focus should be for the upcoming year. They will then need to consider what impact they could have by undertaking a review, what they would hope to achieve and if there is evidence to support the work.

This review will be undertaken at a Scrutiny Conference on Saturday, 9 October 2021. The event will be facilitated by the national centre of expertise, the Centre for Governance and Scrutiny to ensure that there is independent input into work planning. 

We will then publish the Annual Work Plan and regularly update the progress of reviews which are undertaken by Scrutiny.