Have your say on how to improve parks and green spaces in North Northamptonshire


19 February 2024

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People are being asked to have their say on how parks and green spaces in North Northamptonshire’s urban areas can be improved.

The survey forms part of a wider strategy which aims to attract further funding to develop the natural environment in our towns.

Led by North Northamptonshire Council, the six urban areas identified are Corby, Desborough, Kettering, Wellingborough, Rushden and Higham Ferrers.  

The council is keen to hear from residents, local groups and organisations and businesses with their ideas.  

Examples might include any of the following, or other suggestions:

  • Developing or creating a new park
  • Creation of a new community garden
  • Tree planting within urban environments
  • Improvements to existing parks or green spaces
  • Improvements to accessibility
Having quality parks and gardens is a vital component of development in our urban areas – achieving a good mix of green space with the built environment.

This strategy will help inform that process and I would urge people to have their say to help shape plans going forward.
Cllr David Brackenbury, the Council’s Executive Member for Growth and Regeneration
It is important to give consideration to our green spaces in our urban areas to create havens for nature and provide residents with spaces to enjoy and relax in.
I look forward to seeing this strategy develop and for our residents of North Northamptonshire to have their say in how it progresses.
Cllr Harriet Pentland, the Council’s Executive Member for Climate and the Green Environment
Our vision is to enhance and create great places in which people can live, work and prosper in North Northamptonshire and this strategy helps us with this aim.

Urban green spaces provide pockets of tranquillity where people can rest and play as well as providing sanctuaries for wildlife and plants.

I would encourage people to help us with shaping our communities so they are the best they can be for now and future generations too.
Cllr Jason Smithers, Leader of the Council

North Northamptonshire Council has secured more than £1.5million of the Government’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) for the scheme. Delivery of individual projects is scheduled to be complete by March 2025.  

The first part of the scheme includes undertaking an audit of urban green spaces within these towns, before then developing a strategy prioritising those spaces with plans for how the investment can improve the area and optimise its use for visitors.

It is also hoped to create a legacy strategy document that can be used to attract future funding bids building on the investment already secured through the UKSPF. 

The council has secured specialist open space consultants in The Environment Partnership (TEP) and CFP Landscape & Heritage to carry out engagement on the project brief and prepare a strategy with prioritised schemes for delivery.

People have until Monday, March 18 to submit their ideas online.