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Falls Prevention Awareness Week – Steady on Your Feet

Mental health and wellbeing

20 September 2022

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We rely on our balance to keep us upright when we over-reach or trip, but as we age our balance reaction times get slower and so do our reflexes. We also lose some of our muscle strength.

Being active is not just about doing exercise, but also incorporating more activity into your daily life. In particular, exercise which targets balance and strength will help to reduce your risk of having a fall. 

The free Steady on Your Feet website is full of ideas to help reduce the risk of falls and increase your confidence. 

Designed for anyone who may be worried about feeling unsteady on their feet, you can find lots of helpful information here, and fill in a self-assessment guide that will provide you with a personal action plan.
Councillor Matt Golby, Portfolio Holder for Adult Care, Wellbeing and Health Integration for West Northamptonshire Council
The last few years has been difficult for many, particularly those who are getting older and had to spend much of their time isolating away from loved ones. This often affected the ability to get out and about and do the regular things that kept you active and moving. The things you used to love like walking, dancing, swimming, and gardening. Things may be feeling a little bit more difficult now but support is available.Councillor Helen Harrison, Executive Member for Adults, Health and Wellbeing for North Northamptonshire Council

Hundreds of people across Northamptonshire are already taking part in Get Up & Go strength and balance exercise classes, co-ordinated by our partner NSport. These sessions use OTAGO based exercises, which are proven to reduce falls, improve balance & strength, increase stamina, improve your ability to complete everyday tasks, as well as improving confidence and independence. For further information email [email protected] or phone 01604 389976.

Or it could be that Active Chats is more suited to your needs. Active Chats offers a similar service to Get Up & Go but over the telephone through local befrienders. This programme is ideal for older adults who struggle to get to an in-person Get Up & Go exercise class, whether due to transport issues, self-isolation, or you might simply be more comfortable at home.  

For those people who require specialist advice and assessment, the Falls Management Service is made up of a team of specialist falls practitioners. Its open to anyone who lives in North or West Northamptonshire and has either a high degree of concern about falling, or a recent history of falling. 

This Falls Prevention Awareness Week (19-25 September) we would like to reassure Northamptonshire residents that falls are not an inevitable part of growing older, and there are lots of things you can do to help reduce the risk of falling. Reach out and get the support you need. 

Visit Steady on Your Feet then if you need further assistance call 0300 126 3000.