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Executive defers report on Hackney Carriage Fare Tariff to attain more information

Councillors and democracy

16 June 2022

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The Executive have deferred the report on the Hackney Carriage Fare Tariff that was due to be considered as item 6 on today’s Executive agenda.

I have listened and continue to listen to those affected by the recommendations that were in Item 6 of today’s Executive agenda. This is clearly an important decision for lots of people and the Council and therefore I have decided to defer the item to ensure that myself and the Executive have as much information as possible and that we make the right decision for North Northamptonshire. I offer my apologies to anyone who has attended today in relation to this matter.Councillor Jason Smithers, Leader of the Council

The Council will consider the next steps and will make a statement in due course on how it intends to proceed.