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Canvassers calling for electoral registration details

Elections and voting

01 October 2021

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“We will be calling!” That’s the message from North Northamptonshire Council if you have received an annual canvass form that requires a response from you and you have not done so.

The annual canvass helps North Northamptonshire Council to update your household information on the electoral register. This means you will be eligible to vote in any future elections. It’s also used for jury service selection and to provide credit checks, such as when applying for a mortgage or a mobile phone.

Anyone who receives a canvass form with incorrect or missing information must respond by law with the correct information as soon as possible. This confirms the details of everyone at each property who is 16 years and above and is currently on the electoral register.

“If your name is not on the register you will not be able to vote in any elections and may also find it difficult to get credit or open a bank account. 

“Forms were sent out in September and those who need to reply and have not done so can expect a phone call or a visit from a North Northamptonshire Council officer. Avoid the hassle of reminders by replying today to say the details are correct or to let us know what needs changing.
Rob Bridge, Electoral Registration Officer for North Northamptonshire Council

The form provides instructions on how to respond, with the easiest and quickest option being online. You can also reply by text and by post if you’re unable to use the online option.

Anyone not registered to vote who should be, can do so at online via GOV.UK

Council officers will only visit your property where a response is required, and none has yet been received. They will wear identification and adhere to COVID-19 guidelines in force at that time. They will only ask for limited information relating to voter registration such as name, nationality, date of birth and national insurance number. 

Find out more about the annual canvass and registering to vote.