Candidates announced for PFCC election

Elections and voting

08 April 2024

North Northamptonshire Council logo with Elections news text

Candidates have been announced today for the Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner election due to take place in Northamptonshire next month.

On Thursday 2 May voters across Northamptonshire will go to the polls to elect their Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.

The Council has today published a Statement of Persons Nominated listing all individuals who will be standing for the election. 

They are: 

  • Martyn Emberson – Conservative and Unionist Party
  • Ana Gunn – Liberal Democrats
  • Danielle Stone – Labour and Co-operative Party

The Police Fire and Crime Commissioner (PFCC) is elected to oversee local policing and fire and rescue services, manage the police & fire and rescue budget, set council tax rates for policing, and ensure transparent communication about police activities in the community. They will also make key appointments of the Chief Constable and the Chief Fire Officer for the Northamptonshire area.

Anyone who is not yet registered to vote should do so by Tuesday 16 April in order to take part in this election. You can register to vote on the website.

People can apply for postal votes by 5pm on Wednesday 17 April (this deadline is for new applications to vote by post or postal-proxy and those making changes to or cancelling their postal or postal-proxy votes) and those wishing to vote by proxy (when someone votes on your behalf) can also do this in advance of the deadline of 5pm on Wednesday 24 April (not for postal-proxy or emergency proxy applications).

Students have the option of registering at both their home and term-time addresses, and if they are in different local authority areas, they can vote in both locations for this election.

The UK Government has introduced a requirement for voters to produce acceptable photographic identification when voting in person at a polling station. This new requirement will apply to this election.

Voters intending to vote in person are urged to ensure they have one of the acceptable forms of photo ID prior to attending their polling station. Residents without an acceptable form of ID have until 5pm on Wednesday 24 April to apply for their Voter ID.

We provide more information on the election and to a the timetable of the election on our website.