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Active Parks Project delivers over 1,000 sessions

Parks, sports and leisure

12 April 2023

A family enjoys sitting round a camp fire

The Active Parks Project has now delivered over 1,000 sessions to more than 13,000 participants since November 2019.

Now delivered by the North Northamptonshire Council Country Parks team and working in partnership with Northamptonshire Public Health and Northamptonshire Sport, the aim of the project is to help more residents to take part in activities to improve their physical and mental health.

Sessions have been held in country parks across North Northants, with sessions held across the county before the new council came into existence.

This is in addition to the curriculum school groups that have also been delivered during this period. 

Our parks are excellent places where residents can enjoy healthy outdoor activities, escape from stress and learn new things. 

The work of the Education Rangers not only helps with environmental education, but it inspires young people, improves mental and physical health, reducing social isolation and helping people do more than they thought possible.

We have put together a range of programmes for young people, families and adults that include our popular Nature Tots and health walks and it is great that we have had such high levels of participation, despite the pandemic.
Cllr Harriet Pentland, the council’s Executive Member for Climate and Environment
The benefits of getting outdoors is well known, so I am pleased that we have delivered so many sessions since the end of 2019. The team run regular sessions on a variety of themes, so do take a look and get involved.Cllr Jason Smithers, Leader of the Council

As well as the public sessions, the team works with groups on bespoke sessions benefitting those with long-term health conditions or specific needs.

You can find out more about the Active Parks Project online, email [email protected] for more detail or visit the North Northants Country Parks Facebook page for information about upcoming events and sessions.