Parenting support - Newborn to 2 years old

Parenting can be one of the hardest jobs there is and we may all find at times that we need some extra help and support. Relationships can often change when we become parents or step-parents.

Parenting and relationship support

Less sleep, less time for each other and less time to talk can all place added strains on parents. External pressures such as the coronavirus pandemic and increases in the cost of living can all add to this strain.

Support is available for you by emailing our Children and Family Support Service, [email protected]. You are not alone and our children's centres can offer help and guide you along the way.

The Children's Trust directs you to courses to help support your relationship with a partner as you begin your pregnancy journey: 

  • Parental relationship support
  • Parenting support programmes

Parenting skills support

Parenting is tough work, particularly when you have a new born baby! Getting in touch with the experts is a huge help in offering guidance, support and advice about parenting skills.

Hope for Families

Hope for Families is a registered Christian charity supporting families across Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas. They offer support and advice around: 

  • Parenting
  • Couple support
  • Faith in the family

Pen Green Centre

Pen Green Centre for children and families in Corby offers a wide range of groups, activities and family support services. They support families from pregnancy (antenatal) to primary school. Services include:

  • Drop in spaces to meet other families 
  • Early help 
  • Family visiting 
  • Groupwork programme (range of activities and support groups for families)

Daily care

Time flies when you have a new baby. It is important to keep track of important milestones around their growth and development.

Record the milestones

Keeping track of doctors appointments, immunisations and other items is not just for your records, but is important when going to any doctors appointment or when starting a new school!  

This digital book by eRedbook helps you to keep track of your baby's growth and health records, for free, wherever you are.  

Last updated 12 February 2024