Additional help - Newborn to 2 years old

There are dedicated teams in your community to support you when your child is born. Reaching out to these services will mean you and your baby get the support you need to stay healthy and happy.

If you are finding it difficult to cope with the pressures of parenthood or any other situation you are facing, mental health support is also available. The most difficult step is to ask for help, should you need it, we hope we can help you do this.

NHS support and health advice

Find local help and support in the following areas:

  • 1,001 critical days 
  • Attachment with your child 
  • Emotional wellbeing 
  • Immunisation 
  • Nutrition and physical health 
  • Minor illnesses
  • Parenting, play and promoting development 
  • Safety

Strong Start

Strong Start is a local service, staffed by skilled professionals, who give advice and support parents, carers and families with babies and young children in key areas of development. The team works closely with health and children's services and also supports any parent or carer who contacts them.

They provide virtual support to parents and carers through telephone, video calls and social media on a 1 to 1 and group basis, as well as face-to-face groups in outdoor spaces and community venues.

They offer:

  • advice and support
  • face-to-face groups
  • healthy start vitamins
  • real nappy loan scheme
  • virtual support 24/7 

Northamptonshire Health Visitors

Your Health Visitor will be in contact with you to arrange a home visit when your baby is around 2 weeks old. Health Visitors are midwives or nurses who have had extra training.

Their role is to support your new family, including help with feeding and emotional wellbeing.

The Health Visiting team also offers developmental reviews and are available to support your family until your child goes to school.

Special education needs and disabilities

Should you need any additional support following the birth of your child, there is support for you if you have questions about special education needs and disabilities (SEND) or difficulties you face when raising your child.

This local offer provides services for children and young people in Northamptonshire (aged 0 to 25) with special educational needs and disabilities. Families have access to the following support teams and services: 

  • Partnership Support Team 
  • Children and Family Support Services (CFSS)

Northants Parent Carer Forum

Northants Parent Carer Forum (NPFG) is a community for parent carers of children and young people with SEND or disabilities. The group represents the views of families of children and young people (up to aged 25) with special education needs and disabilities (SEND) in Northamptonshire. 

The NPFG works in partnership with service commissioners and providers. They share the knowledge and experiences of families to help plan and develop the quality, range, and accessibility of local SEND provision. This kind of participation and co-production creates better outcomes for families.

Receiving Early Help

Early Help works with you and your family to ensure that you receive the right help and support as soon as you need it. Offerings include: 

  • Advice about your child's health, development or behaviour 
  • How your child is progressing at school
  • Caring for a child with a disability or additional needs
  • Concerns you have about money or housing that is affecting your family
  • Help around domestic abuse, drugs, alcohol or crime
  • Bereavement support
  • Being a young carer


Home-Start is a community network of trained volunteers and expert support helping families with young children through their challenging times. Starting in the home, their approach is as individual as the people they're helping. They promise no judgement, just compassionate, confidential help and expert support. Services include: 

  • A volunteer to support you
  • Group support 
  • Mental health and postnatal illness
  • Isolation 
  • Money issues 
  • Disability and illness
  • Twins, triplets and multiple children 
  • Support for Forces families 
  • When a relationship ends
  • Tips for parents

Flourishing Babies - caring for your baby

Flourishing Babies offers a baby care skills programme for new parents so that you can feel more confident about being a parent. Help is offered at home on a one-to-one basis and through peer support groups and drop-in sessions. 

They can help with:

  • low mood and anxiety or self-esteem and confidence issues
  • resolving any difficulties with bonding and attachment
  • recovery from difficult births
  • adjusting to life with twins, triplets, etc

Urgent mental health help and support

If you or anyone (including children and young adults) need urgent mental health support there are teams ready to help you.

MUM Support - Staying smoke free

MUM Support helps mothers who stopped smoking in pregnancy to remain smoke free. The service gives help to reduce the stress and worries that parents face during the first 12 weeks after birth.

Last updated 12 February 2024