Kettering Library


Repairs, roof and vegetation removal

The library building was closed for health and safety reasons as water ingress has caused parts of the ceiling to collapse.

Testing and surveys have been carried out to measure the damage and understand the work required to reopen safely. We are continuing to survey and monitor the building.

Roof replacement

The library roof is a 120 years old and needs to be completely replaced. The library has a listed status which means work must be carried out on a like-for-like basis by replacing the roof with Collyweston stone slate.

It is proposed that the building is covered in a specially designed, purpose-built tent to make it watertight. This will allow the library to open safely again while the specialised roof works are undertaken.

Current costings for the value of the entire project are estimated at £6.8m and a timeframe of 2 years has been proposed to complete all works.

Vegetation removal

Ivy and Virginia Creeper are causing damage to the building. We will be removing this vegetation and cleaning up the exterior to prevent damage and reduce long-term maintenance costs while allowing for the historical architecture of the building to be visible.

Last updated 26 February 2024