Keyways banding

The scheme has 5 bands from A to E.

Band A is the highest priority band.  Any application in Band A is considered in the most urgent housing need and will therefore have their choice removed in order for the council to offer a timely resolution.  The application will be placed on autobid.  This is when the software system will automatically place bids at the end of each cycle.

Band E is for applicants with 'no housing need' that meet certain criteria:

  • eligible for sheltered, supported or assisted living accommodation (homeowners can only bid on sheltered properties)
  • an applicant has a local connection to a S106 or village exception site (these are listed on the housing application as Legal Agreement Areas)

Band changes

You'll stay in the same band unless your circumstances change or you become ineligible (and your application gets closed).

Last updated 29 February 2024