Loans, donations and bequests

Temporarily closed 

The museum and gallery are temporarily closed while we complete our redevelopment project. 

The Manor House Museum and Alfred East Art Gallery gratefully accept loans, donations and bequests that conform to the service's acquisitions policy. 

Without the generous and thoughtful donations made by people over the years, the museum and gallery would not have such a fine collection to support our aims of promoting lifelong learning, access, enjoyment and inspiration. 

Often it is necessary to bring the items in to the museum where you will be issued with a receipt while staff make a decision over whether to accept or decline the offer.

Unfortunately there are limitations to what we can accept, and these are laid out in our acquisitions policy.


  • Provenance - We only collect material with a Kettering Borough provenance (origin) so that our collections remain relevant to local people
  • Condition - We do not collect material that is in a particularly poor state of repair that would require significant sums invested in conservation of the objects
  • Duplicates - We do not collect duplicates of mass produced items such as flat irons, television sets etc.
  • Size and storage space limitations - We have limited storage space for our reserve collections, which means we have to be very selective in what we accept

If you think you have something that we might be interested in please contact our team to discuss it further.

Last updated 24 April 2023