Housing advice

Housing advice

We offer free information and advice to anyone who is homeless or worried about becoming homeless.

If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless within the next 56 days, contact our Housing Options team on 0300 126 3000 and we'll give you advice based on your circumstances:

  • domestic abuse - in cases of domestic abuse we will work with our partner organisations and the police to try and make you safe in your home. As a last resort (if you do need to leave), we can help to keep you safe by securing refuge accommodation, or emergency accommodation out-of-area
  • friends and family - if you have been asked to leave by your friends or family, we will work together with them to help resolve this situation (this includes us visiting your home to meet them). If you still need to leave, we will work with you to find private accommodation in a planned way
  • landlord - if a landlord has asked you to leave (e.g. end of tenancy, rent arrears or section 21) we will work with you to find alternative private accommodation. You may be able to join the Keyways register

We provide further guidance for variety of other circumstances.

We may complete a homeless application with you. We'll let you know what support is available to help you to stay in your own home. If that isn't an option, then we can offer you help to find a different home.

Last updated 15 March 2024