Shared Lives


About the scheme

Shared Lives is a scheme for adults aged 16 plus who have a long term eligible social care need and require support. 

Support can be for short breaks, respite, day support, or full-time live in care.

People who visit or live with a Shared Lives carer may be: 

  • someone with learning or physical disabilities
  • an older person
  • a young person in transition from fostering

Our carers

Our Shared Lives carers provide care and support in a comfortable family home environment, enabling people supported to live independently as long as possible in their community. 

A careful assessment and matching process makes sure individuals are paired with suitable Shared Lives carers who will treat them as members of their family, meet their needs and provide the right support.

Long-term support

Shared Lives can be an alternative to home care or care homes and provides a much more person-centred approach.

This gives supported people the opportunity to create relationships and develop their identity in relation to the family and the wider community. 

Shared Lives carers provide long-term encouragement, guidance and support with: 

  • personal care (washing, dressing etc)
  • administering medication if required
  • attending medical and social appointments
  • making friends
  • cooking meals
  • spending time together
  • going on holiday together
  • day to day financial support 

Short-term support and respite

Long-term live in support may not be necessary for everyone, therefore our Shared Lives scheme also offers short-term support.

This may involve visiting a Shared Lives carer a couple of days a week and sharing family life during those specific days. 

Shared Lives carers also need breaks for themselves, therefore those in long-term support can visit another Shared Lives carer for a short break, to give their main carers some respite. 

Short breaks could also be for those individuals living with their families, to allow their family carers to have a break, whilst the supported person is provided a personalised ‘short break’ with Shared Lives carers.

Contact us

Please email [email protected] or call us on 01536 535684 for more information and how to access the Shared Lives scheme.

Last updated 29 February 2024